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Online Rental Payment                   

We are happy to introduce you to our  Resident Portal and E-Money Order System!

Resident Portal

Through this portal, you will have more information regarding your residency. You will be able to do the following:

1.     Submit a service request (work order).

2.     View your balance due.

3.     Pay your balance due online via bank account debit (checking or savings account) for $1.95 or credit card for 2.95% of the payment ($2.95 fee for every $100 charged).

4.     Print a payment coupon to pay via e-money order at a participating retailer (any Walmart or Kroger).

5.     View Newsletters.

6.     Update your contact information, and add an emergency contact and vehicle information.

To access the resident portal, go to, click on Portfolio and select the apartment community where you reside. Then select Resident Portal. If it is your first time signing in, you will need to create a new account. If you need any assistance with this, the Rental Office staff will be happy to assist you.

E-Money Order System

The e-money order system allows residents to pay rent directly at participating retailers where the money order is purchased. The largest retailers in the program are Walmart and Kroger. You will print a payment coupon from the Portal or you can have the rental office print one for you. You take the coupon to the retailer to purchase your money order. The fee is $2.00 and there is no limit on the amount of the money order. Please note that payment will not be accepted at the retailer for the following reasons and you will need to contact the office:

1.   Any payment for less than the balance due.

2.   If you are in eviction status. 

Provide the retailer with the coupon, purchase the money order, obtain a receipt and your account will be updated to reflect payment.  You’re done!  This process will save you time, reduce the chance of lost money orders and eliminate any unnecessary late fees! Convenient!!!

We look forward to getting everyone set up in the Resident Portal!